Mother and son officiate basketball game together

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — High school basketball playoff tournaments are underway in parts of Oklahoma, but a mother and son say they’ve already won. The pair had a full circle moment at a game on Tuesday as they got to officiate together on the court.

“I mean, as a parent, for you to be able to share something as momentous as this, I mean, we’re the first mother son duo to in the history to be at the state tournament together. It is surreal. It’s very special,” said Vickie Roop, a referee.

Vickie and Robert Roop are mother and son and got to officiate a game on the court Robert once played at.

“It’s just, you know, kind of different just maybe a little less stressful than playing in it,” said Robert Roop, Vickie’s son.

The full circle moment for the pair goes back even further than Robert’s basketball days on the court.

“Back in 1988, one morning, they were short officials at a little league game. My husband got me out of bed. We grabbed Robert and his baby sister, put them next to the scorers table in a playpen. That’s where the journey began,” said Vickie.

Vickie and her husband, Rick, used to officiate together. Rick tragically passed away in 2013.

Photo of Rick, Robert, and Vickie Roop, Courtesy: Vickie Roop

“Back before my husband passed away, we had talked about hopefully someday all three of us coming in the state tournament,” said Vickie.

Even though Rick wasn’t physically with his wife and son on the court at Tuesday’s game, he was there in spirit.

“So today Robert’s wearing his officiating pants and I’m wearing his t-shirt and spandex underneath,” said Vickie.

The duo said officiating the game was something they always dreamed of.

“Oh, it’s extremely special. You know, it’s such a privilege to be here in this arena, but to be able to call with my son, I mean, that’s just over the top,” said Vickie.

Officiating runs in the family too.

Robert’s 16-year-old son just started learning how to officiate as well.

They hope one day the family legacy will carry on as they remember their beloved father and husband.

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