Seahawks Coaching Grades: Grubb Hire an A+ Move?

The Seattle Seahawks have hired Ryan Grubb as their offensive coordinator and Seattle Sports host Brock Huard loves the move.

Things are falling into place for the Seattle Seahawks, as the next domino has fallen with Washington Huskies play caller Ryan Grubb being named the team's offensive coordinator.

New head coach Mike Macdonald now has the pieces in place before the Seahawks look to attack the draft. With Grubb, Seattle has gotten a coach who some deem a great fit for the organization due to his coaching ability, which helped Kalen DeBoer transform the Washington Huskies offense over the past two seasons.

Seattle Sports host Brock Huard recently talked about the Seahawks’ hiring of Grubb and admitted he’s a fan of it.

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“All in all, I think this is an ‘A’ move for Mike Macdonald, most importantly because it fits philosophically what he wants to do, and that’s play this game and win this game at the line of scrimmage,” Huard said via Seattle Sports.

Part of what makes Huard love the move is that Grubb has an offensive line background and that is thought to help the Seahawks with theirs as this season, there wasn't the consistency many craved.

The Seattle offensive line struggled and the run game wasn't a factor in some games. As a result, the Seahawks only averaged 92.6 yards per game.

But with Grubb, who has experience along the offensive line, perhaps that is a sign that Macdonald wants to establish some physicality in Seattle's offense, which begins at the line of scrimmage.

With Kenneth Walker III and Zach Charbonnet having the potential to be a good tandem under Grubb, the Seahawks' offense and rushing attack could be vastly improved.

Of course, there are still some things to work out along the offensive line as several players in Phil Haynes, Damien Lewis, and Evan Brown are unrestricted free agents.

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But with Grubb, it does feel like a good move for the Seahawks as there seems to be a clear want to make Seattle's identity known as a physical football team.

They have the players and now will have coaches who can bring it all together. 

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