Wendy Williams’ brother says she’s doing better

  • Wendy Williams was diagnosed with aphasia, frontotemporal dementia
  • A new documentary aims to chronicle her life and struggles
  • Brother Tommy Williams originally was upset about documentary

(NewsNation) — Wendy Williams’ brother, Tommy, told NewsNationon Wednesday that his sister is doing better, but his family doesn’t know where she’s located unless she calls.

“We are able to communicate with Wendy when we get a call,” Tommy said on “Banfield.” “But everybody’s not that reachable. So generally, my sister will get the call, and then she’ll patch me in.”

The documentary “Where Is Wendy Williams?” came out over the weekend, right after Williams’ team announced she had been diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia. Although Williams had been open about having Graves’ disease and Lymphedema, it wasn’t until 2023 when she underwent a “battery of medical tests” that she was given the official diagnosis.

The documentary has been criticized for its portrayal of Williams.

The producers, upon learning of her condition, admitted they wouldn’t have proceeded had they been aware during filming. The talk show host’s departure from “The Wendy Williams Show” after a decade raised speculation.

Tommy said he was originally “pissed” by the new documentary chronicling her life.

“Now, having seen the documentary, I see where they were going early on. And you know, I didn’t see. Family didn’t understand, either.”

NewsNation’s Damita Menezes contributed to this report.


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