Title: “Hometown: Markie Martin” :30

Description: Our reporters hail from across America. They report on a national scale, but it’s the connection to their roots that drive them to deliver “News For All America.”


NewsNation is America’s source for unbiased news, where engaged citizens get news that represents the full range of perspectives across the country. NewsNation is available across a variety of cable and satellite providers, streaming platforms, online and on the NewsNation app.

This September, NewsNation expands its programming lineup in primetime with the debut of “Dan Abrams Live” and launches the network’s three-hour morning show, “Morning in America” with host Adrienne Bankert.

To coincide with the programming expansion, NewsNation debuts a new promotional campaign titled “A Nation Of,” with a tagline that pledges “News For All America.”

The campaign was developed in collaboration with advertising agency Leo Burnett in Chicago, to create this new brand promise and identity.

“What you hear and see in this campaign is very much a decidedly different tone of voice,” says Jonathan Killian, NewsNation’s VP of Creative Marketing and Brand Communication. “You hear it from our anchors, you hear it from real NewsNation viewers in unscripted fashion.”

We invite you to take a look at the NewsNation “A Nation of” Brand Campaign, below.

Title: “A Nation Of” Brand Image :60

Description: Cable news is increasingly devoted to partisan bickering that divides viewers into two camps. NewsNation promises something different – news from all sides, representing the full range of perspectives across the nation.

Title: “NewsNation Anchors: Mission” :60

Description: In this series of spots, we “turned the tables” on our anchors, interviewing them about their commitment to journalism, their promise to viewers, and why NewsNation aims for a higher standard than other cable news channels.

Title: “NewsNation Anchors: Common Sense News” :30

Description: At NewsNation, our goal is to empower viewers with the facts so they can form their own opinions. No opinion, no spin – just the facts. Common Sense news, for common sense people. That’s “News For All America.”

Title: “NewsNation Anchors: Unbiased” :30

Description: Every day, NewsNation delivers on its promise to provide all sides of the story, without bias or agenda.

Title: “NewsNation Anchors: Power of Local” :30

Description: With nearly 200 stations across the country, employing over 5,500 journalists, NewsNation has the largest reach of any newsgathering operation in the country, providing on-the-ground reporting where news is happening.

Title: “Viewer Testimonials (Combo)” :30

Description: One year since its launch, NewsNation has begun to build a loyal following among people across America who want the news straight without the partisan slant or opinion, and they’re not afraid to say it.

Title: “Brendan – Texas” :20

Description: Local Plano, Texas business owner Brendan O’Connor explains why he prefers NewsNation over the others in cable news – “national news with a local perspective.”

Title: “Jaclynn – Georgia” :20

Description: Retired Atlanta artist and avid news viewer Jaclynn Morris appreciates the fact-based reporting she gets from NewsNation, because it’s news she can use in her daily life.