NewsNation vehicle burglarized in Bay Area while covering crime

  • California will vote on whether to take a tougher stance on crime and drugs
  • Crime rates in San Francisco have surged to unprecedented levels
  • NewsNation vehicle's side window was smashed

SAN FRANCISCO (NewsNation)—California voters will have the chance to vote on legislation that would allow residents to take a tougher stance on crime and drugs.

Crime rates in San Francisco have surged to unprecedented levels, leaving residents and business owners grappling with the devastating consequences. The city, once known for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant culture, is now struggling to combat a relentless wave of criminal activity.

A NewsNation crew experienced this firsthand while covering crime in the region.

“You feel violated, but we are hardly the only victims of crime around here,” NewsNation’s Nancy Loo said, recounting the experience of having her belongings stolen in broad daylight.

The theft occurred just outside a restaurant in Oakland, where the crew’s rental vehicle was targeted. Within 10 minutes, the side window of the vehicle was smashed, and valuable equipment was swiftly taken. The thieves stole Loo’s workbag, including her work laptop, Wi-Fi puck, iPad, and more.

This incident occurred amid escalating crime in the area, with businesses like Agave Uptown restaurant experiencing multiple burglaries over the years.

“If these crimes don’t stop, we might not survive because we cannot keep moving forward with all these crimes going around. And again, every time they break in, that is $5,000, $10,000 in damages. And the stuff they take. We are pulling the money from our pockets,” Osvaldo Sanchez, the general manager, said.

Liz Thayer, owner of clothing store Claflin, Thayer & Co., echoed similar sentiments, noting the significant losses suffered due to theft.

“A lot of people are leaving the Bay Area now because they’re just over their car getting stolen,” Thayer remarked.

Thayer had up to $40,000 worth of leather goods stolen from her store last Friday.

Right after NewsNation spoke with her, another shop owner shared being carjacked and robbed right before Thayer’s burglary.

In San Francisco, voters will decide on two measures that could expand police presence in the city, including the use of surveillance cameras and drones.

Despite the severity of the situation, voter turnout in San Francisco has remained low. Policing policies have been a focal point in the upcoming elections as residents grapple with the need for enhanced safety measures.

Loo said crime is why a lot of news crews do not operate in the Bay Area without armed security, and even then, people can fall victim.


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