‘Famous’ item from ‘Sopranos’ final episode is selling on eBay

BLOOMFIELD, N.J. (WPIX/NEXSTAR) — Are you a huge “Sopranos” fan? Now’s your chance to own a unique piece of memorabilia from the show’s most frustrating, anxiety-inducing scene.

Holsten’s, a New Jersey ice cream parlor featured in the last episode of “The Sopranos,” is auctioning off the booth where Tony Soprano met his family (and possibly his own end) during the final scene of the series.

Flowers are seen on a booth at Holsten’s in New Jersey — where the final episode of “The Sopranos” took place — after the death of actor James Gandolfini in June 2013. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Holsten’s, in Bloomfield, announced last week that the booth was up for bid on eBay.

“This is your once in a lifetime chance to own the ORIGINAL booth that the Soprano Family sat in for the final scene of the famous show!” the listing reads. “The booth includes both seats, table, and divider wall with the plaque ‘Reserved for the Sopranos Family.'”

The listing, however, stipulates that the jukebox seen at the booth in the final “Sopranos” scene is not included in the sale.

The owners of Holsten’s explained on social media that they didn’t necessarily “want” to get rid of the boot, but were forced to give the seating area a “much needed face-lift,” as it has become structurally compromised over the years.

“They have been repaired many times and this furniture is over 60 years old,” reads a statement posted to Instagram. “Obviously, we do not want to do this, however, it has come to a point where they are structurally not safe anymore as a whole and we need to think about the safety of our patrons first.”

As of Monday morning, bids on eBay had surpassed $82,000. The auction is set to close Monday at 10:02 p.m. ET.

The owners of Holsten’s, seen here in a 2013 photograph, said they’re getting rid of the booth because it is “structurally not safe” anymore. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Despite plans to renovate the space, the management at Holsten’s claims the restaurant will retain much of the same aesthetic that guests have come to know over the years.

“Obviously, we aren’t going to change the nostalgia of our beloved shoppe … we aren’t crazy!” reads a statement shared to Instagram. “Just polishing up the place!”


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