Cat rescued from junkyard moments before vehicle was crushed

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WFLA) — Moments before a car was sent to be crushed at a junkyard, an employee paused to remove the battery. When he popped the hood, a bundle of fur jumped out and into his arms.

“She looked at him with soft eyes, thanking him with slow blinks and soft purrs. It was almost like she knew that her life had been saved,” the North Carolina-based Brother Wolf Animal Rescue said.

The thankful cat hung out with the employee until his shift ended. That’s when he reached out to the animal rescue, where he said his girlfriend worked.

Later that day, the animal rescue team received a call from the junkyard, saying a man was frantically looking for his lost cat, Lilly.

Lilly’s dad expressed his gratitude and was very thankful that his companion was saved. He described her as an adventurous spirit, despite her small size. He also said they love to go on rides in the car or on the motorcycle, and that she even has her own helmet.

The rescue team offered to get Lilly vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed at no cost.

Lilly was reunited with her dad and the rescue team said he was filled with relief, happiness, and gratitude. They said the cat just melted into his arms.

“Thank you for supporting the animals who need us, no matter the wild rides they take to find their way to Brother Wolf,” the organization said. “Together, we save lives!”

It’s not clear how Lilly found her way to the junkyard.

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