‘Support each other’: Kentucky bus driver saves pajama day for one student

  • A student didn't have pajamas for pajamas day and was visibly sad
  • Larry Farrish Jr. took notice and grabbed two pairs for the student
  • Larry Farrish Jr.: "It was a thoughtless act. And I wanted him to be happy"

(NewsNation) — Kentucky school bus driver Larry Farrish Jr. demonstrated extraordinary kindness by ensuring a first-grade student, Levi Carrier, didn’t miss out on pajama day at school.

Farrish Jr. noticed Levi’s usual cheeriness replaced with sadness during their morning commute.

“I was asking him what’s wrong and he was crying. He told me, he didn’t have any more pajamas. He didn’t have any. And that sat with me, it bothered me,” Farrish Jr. said in a Sunday interview on “NewsNation Prime.”

Farrish Jr., committed to fostering a supportive environment for his young passengers, made a detour to a local store after completing his route. There, he purchased two sets of pajamas for Levi, ensuring the young boy could participate in the day’s festivities like his peers.

“It was a thoughtless act. And I wanted him to be happy…I wanted Levi, that bright sunshine to come back,” Farrish Jr. said.

Farrish Jr.’s simple yet profound gesture has garnered widespread recognition as a beacon of kindness in a divided world.

Reflecting on his newfound acclaim, Farrish Jr. expressed humility and gratitude, admitting the sudden attention was overwhelming. “It’s like, am I gonna wake up soon from a dream, but it’s not a dream. This is reality,” he remarked.

His message to others resonates with the essence of his actions: “Be positive. You know, if you think you have it bad, just realize that some people have it worse and just try to support each other…Watch out for bus drivers. Be patient with us. We have a really, really really strenuous job.”

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