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Nexstar’s local news stations’, NewsNation and The Hill footage

Nexstar owns and operates the largest group of local television news stations in the U.S. Additionally, Nexstar proudly launched national cable news network NewsNation in 2020 and then acquired The Hill, a leading independent political digital media platform, in 2021. This means Nexstar offers an unparalleled trove of archival video news coverage of major current and historical events from local and national perspectives. 

Nexstar’s stations cover local news stories including extreme weather, natural disasters, politics, protests, sports fan celebrations, major crimes and trials and so much more. Since the mid-20th century, some of our stations have been on the frontline of covering America’s biggest historical moments from the local perspective. Our stations’ coverage has provided the storytelling visuals and audio for documentaries, docuseries and podcasts on topics including: the September 11th terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, the O.J. Simpson Ford Bronco chase, Little Rock Nine, the 1974 Amityville murders, the case of Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro, the Woodstock ’99 music festival, the 1992 Los Angeles riots, the 1966 Chicago open housing movement, the crimes and trials of serial killers such as John Wayne Gacy and Dennis Lynn Rader (aka BTK), and many more pivotal news events in American history. 

Footage research and licensing 

Every news station in the Nexstar group is unique and so is its video archive. With some stations’ video libraries stretching all the way back to 1948, the Nexstar Licensing Team will help you navigate the video research and licensing process. A licensing team producer will act as your liaison to the news stations, providing licensing and research fee quotes, delivering screeners and master footage, as well as assisting with the completion of the Nexstar-provided video licensing agreement.

We have video archives in all the news stations listed below. If you have a local coverage event in mind, select a market below to begin the process of ordering archive footage research or to inquire about licensing already-found footage. This will begin your conversation with the Nexstar Licensing Team. We look forward to assisting with your visual and audio storytelling needs.

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