O’Reilly: Biden’s reelection hopes lie on State of the Union

  • Biden will make his case to the American people in the State of the Union
  • There are concerns about his age and anger over his support of Israel
  • Despite concerns, Biden is presumed Democratic candidate for 2024

(NewsNation) — President Joe Biden will make his case to the American people as to why he should get to serve another term during this Thursday’s State of the Union address, during which he will lay out his administration’s priorities and accomplishments.

Bill O’Reilly says that if Biden can’t get through the speech, his chances of reelection in November are slim.

“If he melts down, if he can’t get through the prompter copy, if he hesitates, he’s through, and so is the Democratic party in November,” O’Reilly said. “I call it Dubious Thursday. People are gonna be watching to see if the president of the United States can get through this address.”

Biden has not faced a serious challenge but has been feeling frustration from voters who disagree with his handling of the Israel-Hamas war. After a push for Democrats to vote “uncommitted” in Michigan, advocates and other states were also asking voters to pick “uncommitted” as their selection on the ballot during Super Tuesday’s votes.

Following Thursday’s speech, Biden is back on the campaign trail in Philadelphia as he kicks his campaign into full gear.

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