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(NewsNation) — Voters in more than a dozen states are casting their votes for the Republican and Democratic presidential nominations for 2024 on Super Tuesday.

Former President Donald Trump and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley are vying for the GOP nomination, with Trump having led the race so far and Haley picking up just one primary victory in the District of Columbia. Trump has also scored a victory in the form of a last-minute win from the U.S. Supreme Court decision that Colorado and other states could not take his name off the ballot based on the 14th Amendment’s “insurrection” clause.

On the Democratic side, President Joe Biden has not faced a serious challenge but has been feeling the frustration from voters who disagree with his handling of the Israel-Hamas war. After an uncommitted push in Michigan, advocates and other states are now also asking voters to pick “uncommitted” as their selection on the ballot Tuesday.

As voters head to the polls, Trump has already snagged 221 delegates, with 1,215 needed to gain the nomination. Haley has 43 delegates, and more than 850 GOP delegates are up for grabs. A total of 2,429 Republican delegates will decide the nomination, and while Tuesday won’t give Trump enough to claim the nomination outright, it could give him a big boost toward his goal.

NewsNation will provide live special coverage of Super Tuesday on air from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. ET. You can watch it on TV or by signing in to the player above. Not sure how to find NewsNation on your TV? Use our Channel Finder here. You can also follow live analysis through the night in our blog below.

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