RFK Jr. ‘aligned with the Libertarian Party’ on capitalism stance

  • RFK Jr. fuels talk of Libertarian Party switch
  • Kennedy: We'll get ballot access with our without libertarians
  • He has growing support among party members, strategists

(NewsNation) — Robert F. Kennedy Jr. spoke with NewsNation’s Chris Stirewalt about speculation he could join the Libertarian Party despite different stances on government regulation.

Kennedy said he’s aligned with the party’s view on corporate crony capitalism but is still undetermined if he has a future working with the party. 

“I’ve actually been aligned with libertarians on a lot of issues for all of my career,” Kennedy said, referencing their stance on capitalism. “”I love dealing with libertarians. I love speaking with them, but we’ll see if there’s a future for me with that party. But we will get ballot access with or without libertarians, are we’re on track to do it.”

While Kennedy himself has only casually entertained a possible switch, there is growing support among party members, strategists and activists for him to join their ranks, multiple sources told NewsNation affiliate “The Hill.”

“There’s a buzz going on, and there’s a lot of interest in him,” said Ron Nielson, who served as former Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson’s campaign manager in 2012 and 2016.

“If he were to say that he were to accept the nomination of the Libertarian Party, that would probably change a lot of heads,” Nielson said. “There are people within the liberty movement that would like to help him.”

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