Super Tuesday look ahead: What to expect

  • Super Tuesday is March 5
  • One-third of all delegates are up for grabs in one night
  • Trump is leading Haley in the GOP primary

(NewsNation) — Despite recent setbacks in South Carolina and Michigan, presidential candidate Nikki Haley remains resolute in her determination to stay in the Republican primary race, aiming squarely at her top rival, former President Donald Trump.

“This is a ship that has a hole in it. Donald Trump is the hole.” said Haley. Her defiant stance was evident during an interview on NewsNation’s “The Hill Sunday,” where she adamantly refused to drop out of the race as long as it remains competitive.

Her remarks come amid a dwindling field of GOP contenders, with Trump and President Joe Biden intensifying their preparations for another showdown in November. With the GOP race heating up, Haley’s campaign efforts have intensified, crisscrossing Super Tuesday states like North Carolina, Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont over the weekend.

“I am fighting because as long as 70% of Americans say they don’t want Joe Biden or Donald trump. As long as there are states out there that want their voices heard, we’re going to keep doing it,” Haley said.

As the primary election cycle approaches its most competitive day yet, Super Tuesday, with 15 states casting their ballots, 36% of Republican delegates are up for grabs. This pivotal moment could significantly sway the nomination in favor of Trump if he continues his winning streak.

Trump, brushing off Haley’s attacks, focused his campaign trail rhetoric on the general election. “Joe Biden and his fascists that control him are the real threat to democracy in this country. They are a big threat and they are corrupt,” Trump said.

Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, the Biden team appears fixated on November, with First Lady Jill Biden embarking on a tour of key battleground states like Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona in the days leading up to Super Tuesday.

“Donald Trump has spent a lifetime tearing us down and devaluing our existence. He mocks women’s bodies, disrespects our accomplishments and brags about assault. Now he’s bragging about killing Roe v. Wade. How far will he go? When will he stop? You know the answer, he won’t,” Jill Biden said.

Amidst the campaign fervor, another crucial development looms on the horizon: the Supreme Court is expected to release an opinion regarding Colorado’s efforts to ban Trump from the presidential election ballot. While the outcome remains uncertain, given the impending Super Tuesday elections in Colorado and the potential implications for Trump’s eligibility, all eyes are on the high court’s decision, which could expedite to clarify the situation before the crucial voting day.

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