Super Tuesday: Trump looks to close in on securing GOP nomination

  • Super Tuesday election held in 15 states and 1 territory
  • Trump maintains Virginia polling lead; 1,215 delegates needed for nomination
  • 50 delegates are up for grabs in Virginia primary

ARLINGTON, Va. (NewsNation) — Former President Donald Trump is poised to move closer to winning the Republican Party’s nomination during the biggest day of the primary campaign Tuesday, potentially setting up a historic rematch with President Joe Biden.

Super Tuesday elections will be held in 15 states on the Republican side — from Alaska and California to Vermont and Virginia. Hundreds of delegates are at stake, the biggest haul for either party on any single day.

Polling stations in Virginia opened Tuesday with Trump aiming to maintain his momentum there. Areas like Arlington and suburban areas will be critical for former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, especially considering Trump’s strong support in rural and southern regions across the state.

Over the weekend, Trump held a campaign event in Richmond and currently holds a 25-point lead in polling in Virginia, according to Decision Desk HQ averages. Nationally, Trump maintains a 66-point polling lead.

A third of all delegates will be at stake nationwide, and with Trump already holding a significant advantage over Haley, he aims to edge closer to the required 1,212 delegates to secure the Republican nomination.

After the Supreme Court ruled 9-0 on Monday to restore Trump to the Colorado primary ballot following attempts to ban him for his role in the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riots, Trump pointed to the 91 criminal counts against him to accuse Biden of weaponizing the courts.

Additionally, he seized the opportunity to emphasize why voters should support him.

“Israel would have never been attacked if I were president. Ukraine would have never ever been attacked if I was president. You wouldn’t have had inflation. Inflation was caused by high energy prices. I had low energy prices, I would have kept them there very easily,” Trump said.

Nearly 50 delegates will be up for grabs in Virginia, with an open primary allowing Democrats and independents to participate in the Republican primary.

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