Analyst on Former Cardinals Coach Kliff Kingsbury: 'Biggest Fraud in Football'

Former Arizona Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury was ripped by a CBS Sports NFL analyst.

ARIZONA -- The dust is just starting to settle on the new hiring of former Arizona Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury in Washington as the Commanders' OC, and the reviews have been... interesting. 

Kingsbury - after spending this past season at USC following his dismissal from the Cardinals at the end of 2022 - initially agreed to re-enter the league as the Las Vegas Raiders' coordinator, though he reportedly backed out and soon joined now head coach Dan Quinn in Washington.

There's hype that Kingsbury could revamp Washington's offense - perhaps with a new shiny quarterback - though not everybody is buying it. 

CBS Sports' Damon Amendolara: 

“I think he is the biggest fraud in football," said Amendolara (via Commanders Wire). "Because he has not succeeded anywhere he has been to any significant degree.

“When he gets the head coach job at Texas Tech he never had a winning record within the Big 12. Then he somehow fails upward to get the head coaching job at Arizona. Every year is the same thing: they start out hot and collapse down the stretch. The one year they go to the postseason they are completely ill-prepared. They take on that Rams team and were down 21-0 at the half, 28-0 in the third quarter.”

Kingsbury spent four seasons with Arizona and finished with a 27-38-1 record. 

"His team is known for penalties, poor coaching and sloppy play and slow starts or fades in the second half of the season," Amendolara continued. 

“This guy has never proven anything. He just keeps getting plum jobs.”

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