Bijan Was 'Prepared' for Belichick's Hiring

Bill Belichick nearly became the Atlanta Falcons coach, and rookie Bijan Robinson was ready.

To say that Bill Belichick was the likely favorite to become the next Atlanta Falcons coach would've been an understatement three weeks ago. 

The former New England Patriots coach was at the epicenter of the buzz surrounding the Falcons' coaching vacancy, which was spurred by the fact that he interviewed officially twice with the team. 

At one point, it seemed more like a matter of when the Falcons would hire the six-time Super Bowl-winning coach rather than if. That sentiment of Belichick likely being the replacement of former coach Arthur Smith even spread to the locker room, specifically rookie running back Bijan Robinson.

"That's who I was expecting we were gonna hire," Robinson said Friday on Fox Sports 1. "I thought it was gonna be Belichick. Obviously, he's the greatest coach of all time.

"I'm used to the coaches that are strictly business and want to win right away. I was definitely prepared to have him come to Atlanta."

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However, after weeks of speculation from media members and insiders, the Falcons ultimately went another direction, passing on the 71-year-old for now former Los Angeles Rams defensive coordinator and one-time interim coach for Atlanta, Raheem Morris.

And while the 47-year-old Morris wasn't who Robinson was preparing to become his next coach, it hasn't stopped him from being excited about his future in Atlanta.

“I was already ready to meet him, go on the field, and run through a brick wall," Robinson said in a recent interview with Kay Adams on the Up and Adams Show.

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The former first-round pick out of Texas isn't the only one that excited about this new working relationship, as during his introductory press conference, Morris named Robinson as a reason he liked the Falcons' roster. 

“That's real easy. Drake London, Bijan Robinson," Morris said as reasons that excite him about the Falcons roster. 

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