Ridder Trade 'An Option' As Falcons Seek New QB

Rumor: Desmond Ridder Trade 'An Option' As Atlanta Falcons Seek New QB

The Atlanta Falcons are about to engage in a quarterback shuffle this offseason, with names ranging from Justin Fields to Baker Mayfield to Ryan Tannehill among the varied candidates.

We aren't ready to say a definitive "hello'' quite yet. But it does seem that under new head coach Raheem Morris, the Falcons are ready to issue some "goodbyes.''

The acquisition from a year ago of journeyman Taylor Heinicke didn't really help much, and there is cap savings to be had by dumping him now. That's ther arguably easy part.

A more difficult call: Should Atlanta give up on Desmond Ridder?

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NFL Network's Ian Rapoport believes a trade of Ridder might be in the works for the Falcons, which would mean moving on from a young former third-round pick who was not a success as a starter ... and who might have more value to the club as trade bait than as a backup QB.

Could Ridder make a living as a career backup? That seems viable, though he'd surely prefer getting another crack at a starting job, one reason Rap Sheet references the idea of a "fresh start.''

Additionally, because he's on a cheap rookie contract, he's an easy cap fit in Atlanta. Of course, he'd be the same elsewhere, too.

What would the club get in trade here? Surely nothing more than a Day 3 pick, and maybe a very late-rounder; after all, Ridder's value has never been lower.

Writes Rap: “Once they acquire a new QB, potentially trading Ridder would be an option, as well. It might be a situation where a fresh start works for all parties.”

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Morris and GM Terry Fontenot are probably considering a complete overhaul of the QB room. ... starting with a new starter. 

There may not be any perfect answers out there. But it's seemingly been established that Ridder is no answer at all ... which means trade talk will likely soon be happening.

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