'Golden Era of Tight Ends!' - Former Ravens TE Shannon Sharpe

Former Ravens tight end Shannon Sharpe is impressed with the top pass catchers at. his old position.

Former Ravens tight end Shannon Sharpe knows a little about playing his position in the NFL. 

Now most know him as a media personality, but at one time, Sharpe is an eight-time Pro Bowler and holds the record for the most receiving yards by a tight end in NFL history with 214.

Former Baltimore Ravens tight end Shannon Sharpe.

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Now, with the tight end market being where it is, Sharpe thinks this is the best time for those at his prior position in the game.

"You look at what [Kelce's] been able to do, the way he's played in the regular season. And he's able to take it up to another level in the postseason. The consistency with which he's great – he's great game in and game out. You know he's reliable, he's durable. The most postseason catches, the most touchdowns by a duo, him and Patrick [Mahomes]. What he was able to do was put up receiver numbers as a tight end. If it was that easy, all the tight ends would have been doing it also. He's unique.

"It's not just Kelce who has Sharpe excited about the future of the position he dominated for so many years. Where there used to be just a handful of truly standout tight ends two decades ago, now the position is populated with superstars and rising young talent that continue to take the game to another level.

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"This is a golden era for the tight end. You look at him, you look at [George] Kittle, you look at [TJ] Hockenson, you look at [Sam] LaPorta, you look at [David] Njoku. Now, there's so many more guys that can do what only a handful of guys could do when I played."

The Ravens seem pretty well set at tight end with Mark Andrews leading the way and Isaiah Likely filling in when asked to. 

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