A Browns Fans Rooting Guide To Super Bowl LVIII

Obviously Cleveland fans would rather see their beloved Browns playing in today's big game, but that doesn't mean Super Bowl LVIII isn't littered with interesting storylines worth following and supporting.

Cleveland fans would surely rather have their beloved Browns playing in the Super Bowl later today, but it wasn't in the cards this year. That doesn't mean you can't still enjoy the big game though, whether you watch because it's the last football anyone gets to watch for six months, because you enjoy the commercials or because you you're a Taylor Swift fanatic. 

The matchup between the Chiefs and 49ers is riddled with interesting storylines. There's Patrick Mahomes legacy and what a third ring does for his race toward becoming the "GOAT." There's Andy Reid going for a third ring, and conversely Kyle Shanahan looking to get this proverbial monkey off his back and win the big one. 49ers QB Brock Purdy is also trying to earn some respect after being dubbed a "game manager" by some around the sport.

Even though Super Sunday doesn't feature the Browns, there is still plenty to root for on both sides of this matchup. Here is your Browns fans rooting guide to Super Bowl LVIII.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs have won a lot lately, and have obviously been in this game four of the last five years so it's fair to reason a lot of Browns fans, like plenty of other fan bases, are probably sick of seeing them here. It's hard to begrudge any fans that feel that way but that doesn't mean Kansas City is impossible to root for.

For starters, Cleveland native Travis Kelce is always a draw for Browns fans – no matter how you feel about his high profile girlfriend. Kelce constantly talks about his Cleveland roots and has been an incredible advocate for Northeast Ohio. There's also some theories out there that he could retire after the game. Kelce is definitely worth rooting for.

Beyond Kelce, Reid might be one of the most likeable coaches in the NFL. He's obviously cemented as a future Hall of Famer, but a third ring in five years would raise his profile even further as he'd become just the fifth coach to win three or more Super Bowls. Reid is very easy to root for.

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San Francisco 49ers

For San Francisco, the rooting interest for some Browns fans could start with the only Buckeyes featured in this year's game playing on their side. Defensive ends Nick Bosa and Chase Young represent The Ohio State in this one, which could be a draw for those dual Ohio State-Browns fans. 

Quarterback storylines also tend to be king in this sport and between the two teams Purdy is likely the easier of the two QBs to root for. His rise from Mr. irrelevant to an underrated and underappreciated starting quarterback of the 49ers is a true underdog story. Winning a ring would certainly go a long way in garnering the respect he's been denied to this point. 

More than anything, most Browns fans likely want a competitive game to enjoy more than anything, before embarking on a long, lonely offseason without football. Come Monday, those Browns Super Bowl dreams can begin again.

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