Cowboys Micah and CeeDee Admit to 'Culture' Problem

Cowboys Micah Parsons and CeeDee Lamb Admit to 'Culture' Problem in Dallas: 'I Need to Grow Up!'

LAS VEGAS - While this Super Bowl in Las Vegas is mostly all about the combatants, the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs, the Dallas Cowboys are the Dallas Cowboys ... so during Super Bowl Week, a major storyline has been, "What's wrong with the Cowboys?

And a frank CeeDee Lamb may have just offered the best answer of all. ... with Micah Parsons hopefully following up accordingly as they commented on a lack of "accountability'' and "discipline.''

“First and foremost,'' Lamb said, "I do (need) to grow up.''

"There are plenty of ways for me to handle different situations,'' said the All-Pro receiver via Parsons' "The Edge'' podcast. "Me being mad is not one of the answers. I know this. I just feel like that’s contagious. 

"I can be more of a leader. I can be more vocal. … If I’m gonna take this label as being (a leader), there’s times where I have to get out of my shell, get out of my comfort zone.''

Interestingly, Parsons chimed in, “We need to have way more accountability. I just think we let things slide too often because we know we’re good. That’s all about me. I want to change the culture. I want to change the identity of what the Cowboys are.''

Good call ... but All-Pro defender Micah added, "Cut the extra stuff out, I just want people to lock in for 22 weeks. Seven months can change your life. And I’m ready.”

The irony, of course: Micah issued this statement while being deeply involved in "the extra stuff,'' as his comments were delivered via his Radio Row studio here in Las Vegas at the Super Bowl.

Lamb used the occasion to clear up the controversy created by his own mother, who used social media to suggest the Cowboys "trade Dak Prescott's a**.''

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Responded Lamb with clarity: “I have no beef with my quarterback. I love my dog, he knows that. … Dak can definitely lead us (to a Super Bowl). He just also needs other leaders. And that’s why I’m pointing at myself. I can help him. He’s already got so much on his plate. ... 

"I got to step up. You got to step up. Everybody has to step up. We got to all look in this mirror. We got to deal with this one.” 

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