Dallas Gets Zimmer - ‘Officially’

Cowboys OFFICIAL: Mike Zimmer Agrees to Coordinator Contract: Dallas NFL Tracker

FEB 12 ZIM OFFICIAL We pause, given the murkiness of the day, to use the word “official,” but here goes …

The Dallas Cowboys have a done deal with new defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer as Washington-bound Dan Quinn's replacement.

The "done deal'' wasn't done.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones himself did say as much last Thursday here in Las Vegas for Super Bowl Week. But … 

CowboysSI.com reported early Monday morning that there was a "contractual'' snag on the way to making the official hire. … and then came ESPN's Adam Schefter with a hazy suggestion that Rex Ryan - who interviewed well with the Jones family a week ago - is re-entering the picture as a candidate.

But enough of the murky and the hazy. The Jones family is getting its guy.

FEB 9 DURDE LEAVES, WINK TO WOLVERINES As the Cowboys finalize their arrangement to hire Mike Zimmer as the new defensive coordinator in Dallas, another rumored name is going to college.

Michigan is planning to hire former Giants defensive coordinator Wink Martindale as its defensive coordinator, ESPN reports.

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Martindale, who was an engineer of some recent top-notch Ravens defenses working under John Harbaugh, will replace Jesse Minter, who became the Chargers defensive coordinator. ... where he will be working under Jim Harbaugh, John's brother, who was just hired by L.A. away from - you guessed it - Michigan.

FEB 9 DURDE TO SEATTLE Like the Cowboys, the Seahawks are searching for a defensive coordinator ... and both teams had interviewed Dallas assistant Aden Durde as a candidate to fill that role.

In Seattle, Durde, a native of Great Britain, will join rookie head coach Mike Macdonald's first coaching staff. 

In Dallas, there is now a vacancy on the staff of just-hired coordinator Mike Zimmer.. 

The 44-year old Durde has interviewed for the Dallas vacancy and has also drawn interest from other NFL clubs.

FEB 6 ZIM IN Mike Zimmer is on the docket for Tuesday and scheduled to interview for the defensive coordinator job for the Cowboys today.

Zimmer coached here from 1994 to 2006 before becoming the Minnesota head coach.

Dallas’ interview process is also expected to include Washington ex head coach Ron Rivera.

There are rumors that the Jones family comes into this process already sold on Zimmer. But we are told Jerry, Stephen, Will McClay and Mike McCarthy will all have a voice here … as was the case when Dallas hired Dan Quinn, who now moves on to Washington as the head coach there.

FEB 5 WHY NOT? Why don’t the Dallas Cowboys hire Sean Lee as a coach?”

It’s among Cowboys Nation’s most-asked questions since Lee’s retirement … and we have in the past tried to explain how much he and wife Megan are enjoying their post-NFL life … absent the grind required of a player …

And a coach.

But from now on, when the question comes up, we will answer it with this Pro Bowl Week photo … which also explains why expectant parents Dak Prescott and Sarah Jane Ramos are not in Orlando, choosing instead to chill on a Colorado mountaintop.

Troy Aikman told CowboysSI.com that his playoff-failure advice was to “get away.” Dak and Sarah Jane seem to have received the message.

FEB 4 ‘VERY’ JERRY - AND ZIM The search for the Cowboys’ next defensive coordinator has officially begun, with Dan Quinn signing on as the head coach of the Washington Commanders and with sources detailing the next steps in the process to CowboysSI.com.

Among those steps as Dallas works on who will replace Quinn as the Cowboys’ new defensive coordinator. ... Jerry Jones has long valued defensive coordinators with head coach experience; Dallas head coach Mike McCarthy feels the same way and has a similar history in Green Bay. That explains in part why Mike Zimmer and Ron Rivera are already lined up as candidates.

Said a source about the setup: "Jerry is very involved.''

FEB 3 ‘HOME RUN HIRE’? Cowboys owner Jerry Jones vows that his organization is "all in'' toward trying to win big in 2024. And he has at least one high-powered and high-profile colleague who believes him - at least when it comes to Dallas' search for a new defensive coordinator to replace Dan Quinn.

"Watch him,'' a fellow NFL owner tells CowboysSI.com on the condition of anonymity. "Jerry wants a home-run hire. He's swinging for the fences here.''

The team owner could not offer more specifics than that as the Cowboys work to replace Quinn, who is taking over the Washington Commanders. And of course, "what Jerry wants'' is no guarantee.

But the owner's remarks do suggest that Jones is involved in the coming hire (meaning its not solely up to head coach Mike McCarthy, who will enter his final contractual year). And they should send Cowboys Nation minds racing through the possibilities, all the way to "the fences.''

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To wit, some names (and comments) in alphabetical order ... click above.

JAN 30 JERRY ON BELICHICK Jerry Jones claims he's "all in!" for the Dallas Cowboys in 2024. But come 2025?

Given a chance to shut down the Bill-Belichick-to-the-Cowboys rumors, the owner on Tuesday night instead left the door wide open.

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"I know him personally and I like him,” Jones told reporters while watching Senior Bowl practice in Mobile, Alabama. “There’s no doubt in my mind we could work together. None. None.”

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