'Super Bowl Was Rigged!' for Swift's Chiefs?

'Super Bowl Was Rigged!' for Taylor Swift's Kansas City Chiefs, Cry Conspiracy Theorists

LAS VEGAS - It really makes no sense, of course, because if the NFL was to "rig'' games in order to gather bigger piles of money, the Dallas Cowboys - the No. 1 audience draw in sports - wouldn't be experiencing a 29-year Super Bowl drought.

Additionally, it should strike those who cry about such a concept that most of the griping only comes from fans (or gamblers) representing the losing team.

If, for instance, the NFL is "against the Cowboys,'' why does Dallas win 12 games every year? Why don't we hear "it's fixed'' complaints from people who were rooting for the winning team, or who won money on the winning team?

Nevertheless, away we go with the Super Bowl, an OT win for the Kansas City Chiefs over the San Francisco 49ers here in Las Vegas, with the tinfoil-hat crowd insisting that the NFL wanted to milk Taylor Swift's presence by handing the win to her boyfriend Travis Kelce and his Chiefs. (Oh, and somehow, by handing the U.S. presidency to Swift's favorite candidate.)

But wait ... The Chiefs were already in the game. Pop icon Swift was already here. What is the goal of "rigging'' beyond that? (Actually, wouldn't Taylor Swift in tears make for better money-making TV drama? Yup. So shouldn't the NFL have fixed the game for that purpose?)

Sunday night, a tweet went viral, insisting that the NFL had "rigged" the finish. And what is the evidence? CBS got a graphic wrong. ... and yet FOUR MILLION PEOPLE have observed this moronic tweet.

It was simply a mistake. ... just like players make mistakes on the field, as was the case on Patrick Mahomes' game-winning TD pass. And yet ...

"The Super Bowl was rigged as usual for the Chiefs to win. As if the Taylor Swift psyop wasn’t proof enough. Watch closely as No. 33 fails to make a play on the wide receiver. This is another prime example of scripted nonsense," one fan added.

The "psyop'' reference essentially means that Taylor Swift is a secret government agent. And the "No. 33'' reference is telling us that 49ers defensive back Logan Ryan purposely let himself get screened off in a way that freed Mecole Hardman to catch the game-winning score.

The NFL brings some of this on itself with his new marriage with the world of gambling, combined with the overwhelmed work of its officials. But the rest of the idiocy? That, the idiots bring on themselves.

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