Aikman's Old Patrick Mahomes Tweet Goes Viral

Dallas Cowboys' Troy Aikman's Old Patrick Mahomes Tweet Goes Viral After Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl Win

LAS VEGAS - A couple of years ago, somebody on Twitter tossed out a number about Patrick Mahomes' touchdown prowess. At the time - just two years into his career as an NFL starter - the Kansas City Chiefs QB had thrown for 36 percent of the total of touchdowns that Troy Aikman had thrown in his career ... and Mahomes had done in in about 8 percent of the amount of games it took Aikman to do it.

The Dallas Cowboys legend and Hall of Fame QB saw the tweet and replied ... 

"Talk to me when when he has 33 percent of my Super Bowl titles."

Well ... now Mahomes - the MVP of Sunday's Super Bowl, a Chiefs OT win over the Niners - has 100 of them.

Following the Chiefs' third Super Bowl victory in five years, all of which elevates Mahomes into the all-time QB stratosphere, Aikman's old post is resurfacing ... and fans are making sure that Aikman is aware of the statistical movement.

Posted one observer: "Patrick Mahomes has thrown 132% of Troy Aikman's passing touchdowns and won 100% of his Super Bowls in about 58% of his career games.''

Mahomes has now matched Aikman's trio of Super Bowl titles, and it is being pointed out that Patrick has done all of it by the age of 28.

In fairness, Aikman won his third one at the age of 29 in 1996. But the difference is, that was the end for Troy ... whereas with Mahomes, no end seems in sight.

Indeed, he's now chasing Tom Brady, who won seven Super Bowls, six with the Patriots and one with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Brady won his third Super Bowl with the Patriots at the age of 27 in 2005 and won three more with the Patriots at the ages of 37, 39 and 41. His final Super Bowl win was with the Bucs at the age of 43 in 2021.

Knowing Aikman as we do, his original tweet wasn't meant as an insult to Mahomes. He was simply pushing his belief that the only number that matters is wins - big wins. And we trust that now that Mahomes has his third ring, Aikman will express nothing but the greatest respect for what the Chiefs QB has accomplished ... and what he might continue to accomplish.

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