Antonio Brown Says Detroit Lions Could Have Dominated Chiefs

Antonio Brown was not impressed with the Chiefs first half.

In the first half of the Super Bowl, the Kanas City Chiefs struggled offensively against the San Francisco 49ers. 

Former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown took to social media to express the Detroit Lions could have put up a significant amount of points on the Chiefs defense, based on their sluggish start, had they not lost to the 49ers in the NFC Championship Game. 

Brown posted on social media in the first half, "It feels like the Lions would be up 35-10 right now."

Trailing 10-3 at the half, quarterback Patrick Mahomes was able to lead a comeback at Allegiant Stadium, eventually winning the team's second consecutive Lombardi Trophy by defeating the 49ers in overtime, 25-22. 

Tight end Travis Kelce expressed postgame that he was proud of the roster and shared how a change in focus helped to fuel the Chiefs current run of success. 

“Man, I stopped chasing stats a long, long time again and started chasing legacy and where my heart was at and where I wanted to be as a professional,” Kelce told ESPN after the game. “And I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of a team with these guys and be a part of the greatness every single day and the drive every single day.

Kelce continued, “This game is so beautiful when you’re doing things the right way. You put in the grind, you put in the hard work, you reap those rewards. It’s just a beautiful, beautiful atmosphere and I couldn’t be more proud of the guys.”

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