Which Positions Do the Jaguars Still Need To Fill on Doug Pederson’s Staff?

With Jerry Mack no onboard as running backs coach, which other positions on Doug Pederson's staff do the Jaguars need to fill?

The Jacksonville Jaguars are inching closer and closer to having a full coaching staff after more than 10 coaches departed the staff last month.

The latest hire, running backs coach Jerry Mack, fills a key role on the staff. With him in place, there are only four roles on the staff that are vacant:

  • Passing Game Coordinator (to replace Nick Holz) 
  • Assistant Offensive Line Coach (to replace Todd Washington) 
  • Safeties Coach (to replace Cody Grimm) 
  • Defensive Quality Control Coach (to replace Tee Mitchell and Sean Cullina)

So, what are we hearing on the four open spots as of today? 

In terms of passing game coordinator, team sources have indicated to Jaguar Report the Jaguars are open to hiring another assistant to fill the role after having the role on the coaching staff in each of the past two seasons. With that said, it isn't a sure thing a hire is made either. The Jaguars seem prepared for either scenario. 

When it comes to the assistant offensive line coach position, it would be a surprise if current offensive quality control coach Greg Austin isn't promoted into the role. He has been the assistant offensive line coach for an NFL team before, too, serving in the role for the Eagles from 2013-2015. 

As for safeties coach and defensive quality control coaches, there is less intel on those. Safeties coach duties could be delegated to Kris Richard or Cory Robinson, while quality control coach hires will be decided eventually by Doug Pederson and defensive coordinator Ryan Nielsen. 

As things stand today, here is the Jaguars' current coaching staff based on reports. Reported hires are in bold and have not yet been made official.

  • HC Doug Pederson
  • OC Press Taylor
  • QB Coach Mike McCoy 
  • OL Coach Phil Rauscher 
  • WR Coach Chad Hall
  • RB Coach Jerry Mack
  • TE Coach Richard Angulo
  • Offensive Quality Control Coach Nick Williams
  • Offensive Quality Control Coach Greg Austin
  • Assistant QB Coach Andre Breiner
  • Assistant WR Coach Tyler Tettleton
  • DC Ryan Nielsen
  • Defensive Assistant Kris Richard
  • DL Coach Jeremy Garrett
  • Assistant DL Coach Rory Segrest
  • CB Coach Cory Robinson
  • LB Coach Matt House
  • OLB Coach Bill Shuey 
  • Defensive Quality Control Coach Patrick Reilly
  • STC Heath Farwell
  • Assistant Special Teams Coach Luke Thompson

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