Andy Reid Confirms Speculation About Coaching Chiefs in 2024-25

Kansas City's three-time championship-winning head coach briefly addressed his future the morning after Super Bowl LVIII.

The Kansas City Chiefs are champions once again, winning their third world title in five seasons on Sunday night. The victory over the San Francisco 49ers brings everyone's legacy up another notch, with head coach Andy Reid leading the pack.

On Sunday night, quarterback Patrick Mahomes and tight end Travis Kelce praised Reid and referred to him as the best coach ever. There isn't much the 65-year-old has left to accomplish at this stage of his career, now a quarter of a century into life as a head coach.

Naturally, the combination of Reid's age and tenure in the NFL led to plenty of speculation about a potential retirement at the end of this season. The future Hall of Fame man did his best to shoot those questions down during Super Bowl LVIII media week, continuing that trend on Monday morning. Speaking to the media, Andy Reid was asked whether he planned to return and coach the Chiefs next season. His one-word answer confirmed what most suspected: he'll be back. 

"Yep," Reid said. 

For the last month or so, Reid retirement chatter was met with equal or greater parts diversion from that line of observation. Despite that, plenty of folks still wondered whether he'd want to go out on top and retire a champion. Again, Reid's resume reads longer than that of just about any head coach in NFL history. If he wanted this to be it, he'd have every reason to do so.

It simply doesn't appear to be in the cards for him, though, regardless of how much that proposed narrative was pushed in recent weeks. As he alluded to last week, Reid said he hasn't thought about retirement and isn't interested in riding off into the sunset. 

"You know, Adam (Teicher), I honestly haven't even thought about it," Reid said. "But I get asked it. I'm still kind of in awe of the game and what went on there, so I really haven't thought [about] why or what or anything else but people keep asking me. I keep saying, 'Why did (Bill) Belichick and Pete (Carroll) retire? Ask those old guys the question. I'm the old guy now, so I guess I'm going to be asked that. I really haven't gone there, I haven't really thought about it." 

This is tremendous news for the Chiefs, as there may not be a better head coach in the league right now than Reid. His innovative offensive mind and proven track record give Kansas City an advantage in almost every game they play. Reid has formed one of the greatest head coach-quarterback duos in league history with Mahomes, and the two aren't going to slow down now that the season's over. 

Before the Super Bowl, Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports reported that a contract extension and raise could very well be in Reid's future instead of retirement. Should that be the case, it'd potentially lock him in for the next handful of seasons and then allow him to decide on whether to retire or not. It isn't premature or unwise to consider Reid's status a year-to-year ordeal but for now, there doesn't need to be any additional questioning about next season. By all accounts, the 2024-25 campaign will feature Reid on the Chiefs' sideline.

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