Chargers News: Bolts Post Hilarious Super Bowl Meme to Celebrate 2024 Season

The Chargers social media team strikes again.

The Los Angeles Chargers social media team wins again.

The Chargers social media team — arguably the best in the NFL — once again capitalized on a hilarious opportunity for a post. The Chargers used one of the most viral memes from the latest Super Bowl halftime show — featuring a questionably close hug from Usher and Alicia Keys during their performance — to share excitement for the 2024 season.

The meme showed the Chargers cheesing with excitement over hiring Jim Harbaugh, having the fifth overall pick in the draft, Justin Herbert at quarterback, and their season to come.

The post is not wrong, as the Chargers truly have plenty to be excited about early in 2024. While winning the offseason doesn't bring home Lombardi trophies, the Chargers look like one of the big winners of the offseason so far. 

Beyond hiring Harbaugh, the Chargers have put together a front office and coaching staff full of experience and proven success. They hired new general manager Joe Hortiz, who was a scout and director of player personnel for one of the best organizations in acquiring talent via free agency, the draft, and trades during over two decades with the Baltimore Ravens.

On top of Hortiz and Harbaugh, the Chargers brought in Jesse Minter as defensive coordinator, who led one of the best defenses in college football. Minter is expected to turn around a Chargers team that has struggled defensively, while new offensive coordinator Greg Roman should bring a balanced rushing game to aid Justin Herbert.

With all of these pieces coming together for the Chargers, the franchise believes that soon enough they will be winning the Lombardi Trophy themselves, and not just making memes on Super Bowl Sunday.

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