49ers' Star Targets Jets' Sauce After Super Bowl Loss

The New York Jets didn't win the Super Bowl, but neither did the San Francisco 49ers. Cornerback Charvarius Ward took his anger out on Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner.

The Kansas City Chiefs are no stranger to breaking the hearts of opposing teams. Whether it be controversial officiating in a Week 4 win over the New York Jets or delivering the dagger against the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl, the Chiefs leave a trail of victims in their path.

Like the fans that shouted at their televisions when New York couldn’t buy a holding penalty, the San Francisco faithful watched as Patrick Mahomes did what he does best on Sunday – win in devastating fashion. Unsurprisingly, the Super Bowl loss had the 49ers upset.

Some, like San Francisco cornerback Charvarius Ward, made the unwise decision to head to social media, where airing out one’s frustrations is a mere click away.

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Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner got caught in the crossfire of a runner-up and his postgame coping mechanism.

“I told y’all,” Gardner posted to X, formerly Twitter. “The 9ers might look better on paper but the Chiefs always find a way.”

Gardner wasn’t targeting San Francisco as much as he was commentating on the game, pairing his postgame reflection with tweets about Usher’s halftime performance.

Nevertheless, Ward responded in a now-deleted tweet.

“Boy yo (bleep) ain’t never sniffed the playoffs. You watching from the couch,” Ward said in his quote tweet. “Worry about the sorry (bleep) JETS. Everybody got something to say about the team in the Super Bowl. Your opinion doesn’t need to be heard kid.”

Gardner continued to play around with fans in his replies but defended both himself and his team.

Naturally, someone pointed out the Jets’ lack of success, which – while true – isn’t relevant to the conversation.

“What does that have to do with the tweet,” Gardner responded to a fan. “If you ask anybody about the 49ers people would say they have the best team in the league all around. But if you ask about the Chiefs they will say ‘they always find a way to win tough games.’”

Ultimately, he would chalk up the exchange to the misunderstandings that tend to take place on social media, where fights and stories seem to brew out of thin air.

“49ers fans so mad I stated facts,” he said. “They literally an elite team all around. Y’all take everything the wrong way on this app lol.”

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Don’t expect the social media quarrel to spill over into the new season or even the next news cycle. Ward was frustrated – justifiably – and let cooler heads prevail when he deleted the post. Both are at the top of their games, with Gardner being named a first-team All-Pro and Ward landing second-team honors.

They’ll both head into the offseason focused on building for 2024 and taking down Mahomes the next time they meet.

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