Shocking: Former Raider Calls NFL "Fake"

Former Las Vegas Raiders LB Will Compton shocked the NLF world last night after Super Bowl LVIII by calling the NFL "Fake."

LAS VEGAS, Nev.--Shortly after the Kansas City Chiefs downed the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 in a Super Bowl LVIII thriller, a former Las Vegas Raiders linebacker shocked the world.

Will Compton, famous for his years in the NFL and now as the Co-Host of Bussin' with the Boys, called out the most powerful professional sports league in the world, the National Football League.

He took to X, formerly known as Twitter, by saying, "NFL is basically the WWE now. All scripted. Fixed. They pick who they want to win. It’s all for entertainment & honestly I don’t even know why I watch & care so much. It’s all fake."

Now, Compton did not elaborate on his sentiments. Compton played nine seasons in the NFL, his last with the Las Vegas Raiders.

Was Compton aware of his allegations when he was a player?

Was he implying that he believes that this happened after he left the National Football League?

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift embrace after Kelce's overtime win in Super Bowl LVIII.

© Mark J. Rebilas | 2024 Feb 11

Compton did not mention Kansas City Chief Travis Kelce or his girlfriend, international superstar singer Taylor Swift, but the NFL Commissioner was asked questions this week that resonated with Compton's thoughts.

Earlier this week at his year state of the NFL press conference, Goodell was asked about the league he leads being scripted.  "I don’t think I’m that good a scripter, or anybody on our staff."

Goodell added, "Listen, there’s no way I could have scripted that one. Let’s just put it that way."

Additionally, he said, "I think the idea that this was a script, that this was pre-planned, that's nonsense.  It's frankly not even worth talking about. We see two people together having fun together. That's wonderful. I wish them well. They're both wonderful people."

While the thought of the NFL being fixed or scripted seems outlandish, the NFL has a real issue because many feel that way and share Compton's sentiments.

We will watch for Compton to elaborate on his comments or even Goodell's response.

The NFL Draft will be held in Detroit, Mich., on April 25-27, 2024. The Las Vegas Raiders currently hold the No. 13 overall pick.

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