A.J. Brown's X Account Got Hacked During Super Bowl: 'That Wasn't Him!'

When Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce exploded at coach Andy Reid during the Super Bowl, two Philadelphia Eagles players appeared to get sucked into the drama. ... but not so fast.

The Super Bowl is always an eventful game, something the Philadelphia Eagles know all too well from their trip to the big game last season.

This year, however, the Eagles were out of the spotlight as the San Francisco tried and failed to do what they couldn't, losing to the Kansas City Chiefs in a 25-22 overtime thriller.

While Philadelphia football fans joined the rest of the sports world in watching the big game one moment specifically pulled the franchise right into the thick of things when receiver A.J. Brown appeared to comment on a specific moment during the contest.

Philadelphia Eagles receiver A.J. Brown.

USA Today

"If that was me I would've been kicked out of the league," the social media account bearing Brown's name that was previously connected to the player posted Sunday evening.

While we share the link above, if you click it, you'll find nothing there but a string of comments because the account has since been deactivated, as it was just before the Eagles' playoff loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Regardless, the message was in response to a clip of Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce verbally and physically assaulting coach Andy Reid on the sideline following a red zone fumble by one of his teammates.

The action, and the account's response to it, drew widespread reaction with many condemning Kelce's actions and supporting the take shared by the account bearing Brown's name.

Miami Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill even supported the account's opinion while adding some thoughts of his own. 

But in a strange twist that only further follows the dysfunction of what football became in Philadelphia this season, Eagles cornerback Darius Slay chimed into the conversation as well.

Not to support his teammate, but to save him from apparently being misrepresented.

"Just talk to AJ," Slay's own posting read. "That wasn't him..."

Before being deactivated once again the account also posted, "This is a fake AJ brown page . I'm just a fan. I'm not trying to get him in trouble with what I say lol," before offering to give the account back to the star receiver in exchange for an autographed jersey.

It was a strange night for Eagles fans and a couple of players on the NFL's biggest of the season.

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Of course, the 'I was hacked', claim doesn't go far these days when stars put something out into the social media universe they quickly regret, but that doesn't mean it didn't necessarily happen.

We may perhaps never know the true identity of the mysterious Super Bowl social media user, but if this is the most drama we get out of the team this offseason, we'll all be happier for it.

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