'Eat It!' Cox Taunts Deebo For Super Bowl Loss

Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox chides San Franciso 49ers receiver/running back trash-talking Deebo Samuel for not being able to win a Super Bowl ring in his second try.

PHILADELPHIA – Deebo Samuel and the San Francisco 49ers laid another Super Bowl egg, losing to the Kansas City Chiefs yet again on the NFL’s biggest stage.

Samuel, the 49ers’ talented receiver and running back, is now 0-2 in his career in Super Bowls, and that is pleasing not only to a Philadelphia Eagles fan base that had to listen to him whine all offseason about how his team was better than the Eagles despite losing 31-7 in the NFC title game last year, but also Fletcher Cox.

During Super Bowl week, Damuel dissed the Eagles again when he was asked if there was a rivalry between the Eagles and 49ers. He responded by saying the only rivalries are with teams who play close games against his team, referring to the 49ers' 42-19 beatdown of Philly in Week 13.

He even went so far as to call Eagles cornerback James Bradberry "trash" in the weeks leading up to the Week 13 game.

Cox is 1-1 in Super Bowls during his long career as one of the best defensive tackles in Eagles history, and he took to social media after the game to make his feelings known about Samuel and his trash talk.

His first post went: “I still got something you ain’t got. Ya!! I been holding this one in son!!!!!”

Then came: “Keep the Eagles out cho mouth boa.” It was written in all capital letters and referenced Samuel’s X account.

Samuel couldn’t stop complaining about the loss to the Eagles in last year’s NFC title game when quarterback Brock Purdy got knocked out of the game early and was followed to the medical shortly after by the 49ers’ backup quarterback, Josh Johnson.

Samuel got his revenge with the 49ers’ dominating Week 13 in Philadelphia, a win that could have been the impetus to the Eagles 1-6 collapse. In that win, he scored three touchdowns, two through the air, where he caught four passes for 116 yards, and one on the ground, where he ran three times for 22 yards.

In Sunday’s Super Bowl, however, Samuel was virtually invisible. While he did leave the game briefly with a hamstring issue, he returned and ended up playing 54 snaps (72 percent).

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He was targeted 11 times but made just three catches for 33 yards while running three times for a paltry eight yards. In his first Super Bowl, as a rookie in 2019, he was targeted nine times and made five catches for 39 yards with three carries for 53 yards in a 31-20 loss to the Chiefs.

The bottom line is he was on the losing side both times. 

And Cox made sure he knew it.

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