Kelce Celebrates Gambling Win at Casino

Philadelphia Eagles WATCH: Jason Kelce Celebrates Gambling Win at Casino on Eve of Super Bowl in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS - Jason Kelce, the brother of Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, has a lot on his mind. He's rooting for his brother to beat the San Francisco 49ers in the Sunday Super Bowl here in Las Vegas, of course. He's also got memories of his own Super Bowl participation. And at age 36, he is contemplating retirement.

He's earned a break in the action ... and on Saturday night here in Las Vegas, he got his "break'' at a casino on the eve of The Big Game.

In a video captured by, Kelce, hanging out with wife Kylie, lets out an arm-raised cheer as he experiences a gambling success of some sort" the report states.

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It looks like Kelce had some success at the blackjack table during his week in Las Vegas ... just as he's had success on the field and just as he's ready for success in his post-NFL career.

The longtime Philadelphia Eagles lineman has been taking meetings with NFL networks in anticipation of a retirement that could lead to more big wins, as ESPN and FOX are reportedly among his suitors, the networks obviously believing that Kelce's bigger-than-life persona will translate well to TV.

Brother Travis has spoken about somebody being involved in the entertainment world, with girlfriend Taylor Swift obviously available to show him the ropes. And the Kelce brothers' podcast represents another step in that direction.

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