Steelers Already Giving Up on QB Search

The Pittsburgh Steelers appear to have their quarterback plan in place.

PITTSBURGH -- The Pittsburgh Steelers have their Plan A, but if that doesn't work out, they're ready to settle. At least, that's what the latest reports say. 

Mason Rudolph is looking for a "fresh start" in free agency, hoping to land elsewhere and begin his journey as a starting quarterback outside of Pittsburgh. It's hard to blame him if that opportunity presents itself, because the Steelers still want Kenny Pickett to be their "guy." 

If Rudolph does leave, reports claim the team has a backup plan in mind, and that plan is not going to push the needle or Pickett. Essentially, it hands Pickett the starting job and hopes he's ready to take a step forward without real competition this offseason. 

It's certainly a step backward from how urgent the Steelers were at the beginning of the offseason. It almost makes a splash offensive coordinator hire and some new offensive coaches pointless, right? 

It appears the search is narrowing, and if Rudolph doesn't re-sign, it could be over quickly. 

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