Were the 49ers Adequately Prepared for the Super Bowl?

Nick Bosa doesn't seem to think so.

LAS VEGAS -- The 49ers didn't necessarily get outplayed in the Super Bowl, but they certainly got outcoached.

Kyle Shanahan got outcoached by Chiefs defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo all game -- Shanahan never got his offense going. 49ers defensive coordinator Steve Wilks coached well against Andy Reid in the first half, but gave up a wide-open game-winning touchdown catch on a play the Chiefs ran last year in the playoffs, too.

"There were some where I think if we could get them back, we would have been more prepared," Nick Bosa said after the game.

When asked about why the 49ers lost the game, Bosa kept mentioning a lack of preparation. "The zone read got us a couple times," he said. "We could have been more prepared there."

Translation: The coaches didn't adequately prepare the players for what the Chiefs through at them. Which means the coach's lost the game.

Shanahan didn't even seem to know the overtime rules in the Super Bowl. Otherwise, he would have deferred after winning the coin toss instead of electing to receive the kickoff. Because both teams were guaranteed to get the ball one time more matter what. Better to get the ball second in that situation."

"We've been so close so many times and there are only so many more opportunities that we have," Bosa said. "We have an amazing core of players that is going to be back. We have to be better."

Notice Bosa didn't say the 49ers have an amazing staff of coaches.

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