Why Kyle Shanahan is to Blame for the 49ers' Latest Super Bowl Collapse

This loss is on him.

LAS VEGAS -- Blame Kyle Shanahan.

He's the main reason the 49ers lost another Super Bowl after leading by double digits. He's the problem.

Don't blame Brock Purdy -- he played well. Didn't throw any interceptions. Made a few plays, too.

Don't blame Christian McCaffrey, either. He fumbled, but he also gained 160 yards and scored a touchdown. He was the best player on the field for the 49ers. It wasn't his fault the offense "sputtered," as George Kittle said.

Blame Shanahan. 

He's the one who abandoned the run while leading in the third quarter. He's the one who called eight passes on the first nine plays after halftime. When I asked him why he got away from the run in the third quarter, he said, "I didn't get away from the run game."

Yes you did, Kyle. You call the plays.

You're the one who chose to receive the kickoff in overtime. You're the one who decided to kick a field goal on fourth and four from the Chiefs 9-yard line in overtime. You're the one who didn't communicate the overtime rules to your players or seem to understand yourself.

So don't blame Jake Moody because he missed an extra point. Blame Shanahan for drafting Moody in the first place.

Don't blame Deebo Samuel for having a terrible game. Blame Shanahan for calling 11 passes for Samuel while he was having a terrible game. Most of those targets should have gone to Jauan Jennings, who had an outstanding game.

Shanahan had the most talented roster in the NFL, and he still found a way to lose the Super Bowl.

This collapse is on him.

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