Live Reactions From 49ers Fans at the Super Bowl

Hear what a few 49ers fans had to say about their team's first-half performance LIVE at the Super Bowl.

LAS VEGAS -- The first half of Super Bowl 58 between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs is in the books. San Francisco went into halftime with a 10-3 lead with their defense playing out of their minds.

Surely, the way the defense is looking has to instill excitement from 49ers fans in attendance. I went into the stands for a bit to gather the live reactions from 49ers fans at the Super Bowl. Judging from the responses from the ones I had the pleasure of meeting in the video at the top, I'd say they are feeling confident.

They have every reason to be. The 49ers defense looks superb. Outside of one explosive play allowed, they have been the ones stealing the show. All they need is for their offense to pick up some of the slack. To have only 10 points to show for it isn't nearly enough, especially against Patrick Mahomes.

The 49ers know that all too well from the last Super Bowl they were in against the Chiefs. No lead is safe against him, and they definitely cannot let their defense's phenomenal performance so far be wasted. Christian McCaffrey needs to be more of a factor in this game, but he is struggling to find the rushing lanes.

Kansas City's defense is clearly making it an emphasis to not let the 49ers' rush attack find its groove. If that happens, then the Chiefs will be finding themselves in a struggling situation that not even Mahomes can save them from.

We'll see if the 49ers' offense can find its groove in the second half. 

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