Cowboys Ex Romo: Commanders Hit 'Home Run' in Quinn Hire

Dallas Cowboys legend Tony Romo is a fan of the Dan Quinn hire from the Washington Commanders.

The Washington Commanders have gotten a mixed response after hiring coach Dan Quinn away from the Dallas Cowboys.

However, Quinn has a supporter in former Cowboys quarterback and CBS analyst Tony Romo.

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“I think that was a home-run hire," Romo said via WTKR. "He’s one of the rare coaches who taught me, at this point, because I’ve talked to so many, I’ve learned so much about the game. I’m always inquisitive. I want to learn.

"When I retired, I wasn’t able to sit there and be like, ‘Oh, I’m going to go coach the defensive backs.’ I know coverages, I knew fronts, but I didn’t know why they were in a five high, six high, why it’s an over or an under front, I just know that they’re in that and here’s how to attack it. Dan, Belichick, there are other coaches, too. I love learning, and for me, to be able to learn from a coach is a gift. Dan was one of those guys. They hit a home run there.”

Quinn is known as a defensive guy, and that can be a real benefit for whichever quarterback walks into the Commanders organization next. With the No. 2 overall pick, there's a strong likelihood the team may draft a rookie, and it seems like Romo believes they will be in good hands with Quinn at the helm.

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Romo also has covered the Cowboys many times during the past three years as a CBS analyst and watching him through that lens only adds to his credibility about the analysis of the Quinn hire.

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