How to save on pricey summer travel in 2024?

  • International airfare prices are skyrocketing in 2024
  • Alternative budget-friendly destinations include Cape Town, Buenos Aires
  • Travel editor: Book flights 28 days in advance for domestic travel

(NewsNation) — The warmer months are quickly approaching, meaning many people are likely starting to plan summer vacations. However, international airfare prices are skyrocketing in 2024.

“The data says it’s gonna go up about 10% over last year, but last year was outrageous to begin with,” NewsNation travel editor Peter Greenberg said in a Saturday interview on NewsNation’s “Morning in America.

He cited examples such as coach airfare between Los Angeles and London, which soared to $1,100 last summer, nearly double the expected rate.

According to Greenberg, the spike in airfares is primarily attributed to events such as the Olympics in Paris, prompting travelers to expect higher costs, particularly for European destinations in July. He advised opting for travel in August or September to avoid the peak pricing.

However, he also highlighted alternative, budget-friendly destinations, including South America, Argentina, Tokyo, South Africa, and Istanbul, where favorable exchange rates offer significant savings for U.S. travelers.

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Domestically, Greenberg noted a different trend, estimating a decrease in airfares by 12 to 16% within the United States.

Addressing concerns about travel advisories, particularly in destinations like Mexico and the Caribbean, Greenberg urged travelers to exercise situational awareness rather than be deterred by advisory levels. He emphasized the importance of reading advisories from multiple sources for a comprehensive understanding of travel risks.

“If you take a look at the metrics that the U.S. State Department applies to come up with those levels, and you apply them to any U.S. city, you would never leave home,” Greenberg said,

As spring break approaches, Greenberg advised travelers to consider less popular destinations to avoid overcrowding and overpriced amenities. “What you really want is no crowds because you want to enjoy it,” Greenberg advised.

For those seeking to save on travel expenses, Greenberg recommended booking flights 28 days in advance for domestic travel and 54 days for international trips. Surprisingly, he noted Sunday as the optimal day for booking flights, with Wednesday being the ideal day for travel.


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