New era of uncertainty at the US-Mexico border

  • New asylum rules for migrants attempting to cross the southern border
  • Texas governor deployed 10,000 Texas national guardsmen
  • Migrants who cross illegally can face a 5-year entry ban

EL PASO, Texas (NewsNation) — There are new asylum rules for migrants attempting to cross the southern border, as three years under a controversial, pandemic-era immigration policy came to an end this week.

Still, there was not a massive migrant surge as some U.S. leaders expected as Title 42 ended on Thursday. And with more than 22,000 migrants still awaiting processing, experts say we could be entering a new era of uncertainty at the border.

The scene at the border wall tonight is much different than it was just 48 hours ago when hundreds of migrants lined up waiting to be processed. 

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott ordered 10,000 Texas national guardsmen and 1,200 public safety troopers deployed to assist Border Patrol agents as thousands of migrants rushed to cross the U.S.-Mexico border ahead of Title 42 expiring. 

Earlier this week, Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas vowed “tougher consequences for illegal crossings. 

Migrants entering illegally will now be processed under Title 8, a pre-pandemic rule allowing for the deportation of migrants crossing illegally, who may also face a 5-year entry ban to the U.S. 

Already in the first days of Title 8, large crowds of migrants are being put on buses by Border Patrol agents and dropped off in Mexico.

“These are some of the processes that are in place now for the people that come into the country illegally,” said Rio Grande Valley Sector’s Chief Gloria Chavez.

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