Toddler loses part of finger at North Carolina daycare

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The parents of a 2-year-old are calling for accountability after a toddler lost part of his finger at a North Carolina daycare.

On Feb. 20, Tonishia Anthony dropped off her son, Se’awn Sutton, at Rising Stars of Farmville, a local daycare. Around 11 a.m., Anthony received a notification from the daycare that Se’awn hurt his finger.

Anthony said when she got to the daycare, she could not believe what she saw.

“They unwrapped his hand and the only thing I could say was, ‘Oh my God.’ It was so bad, I couldn’t even stomach it, it was so bad,” Anthony said.

Anthony rushed Se’awn to the ECU Health Medical Center emergency room, with Shawn Sutton, Se’awn’s dad, meeting them there.

Surgeons tried to reattach Se’awn’s finger but were unsuccessful.

(WNCT photo)

NewsNation local affiliate WNCT reached out to Rising Stars of Farmville. In an e-mail statement, they wrote:

“As a family-oriented child care center committed to providing quality services, Rising Stars of Farmville regrets that a toddler in its care suffered injury to a finger last week and are hopeful the child experiences a speedy recovery. We are cooperating with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, which is investigating the matter. As an organization, we remain committed to providing high-level care services and serving our community in the best way possible.”

WNCT also reached out to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. In an e-mail statement, they wrote:

“The NCDHHS Division of Child Development and Early Education is aware of the concerns and is considering next steps; we cannot comment on investigations or possible investigations.”

Se’awn’s parents said he still relives that day whenever he goes for a follow-up doctor’s visit.

“I have the video, it starts back when they unwrap it. He goes through the whole trauma again,” Sutton said.

“We don’t know what else this is going to affect. Yes his hand, yes part of his finger is missing, he has to grow up with it,” Anthony said.

Sutton and Anthony said the immense community support has been a light in the dark.

“We call them virtual aunties and uncles,” Sutton said.

Wearing shirts that read “My Accident Could Have Been Prevented,” Se’awn’s parents said they hope the daycare is held accountable.

“Don’t let there be another Se’awn, don’t let the incident that happened to Se’awn, happen to your child. That’s what we’re doing now, awareness,” Sutton said.


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