Is the AI wingman making online dating easier?

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Some singles are turning to an AI wingman for help crafting a bio, choosing pictures and starting a conversation.

In its early stages, a study found that of those who use AI while dating, 43% used it to write their dating profiles and 37% used it to help write their first message.

Men have been found to use this tool to get advice and get more comfortable with messaging matches.

AI dating apps like Rizz and YourMove AI are gaining steam, acting as a dating coach that singles can have with them in their pockets.

A study by Attraction Truth found that these apps are working for men.

  • 24% noticed an improvement in messaging skills
  • 37% feel more confident with the opposite sex

Not just for dating, these apps advertise to help with friendships and relationships and offer daily advice and ideas to boost a connection.

AI dating platforms like Iris utilize the technology to determine what faces you are attracted to and match you to those with similar features to create what they call “True Attraction.”

Apps like SciMatch score users and match them based on personality, with the founder telling Time Magazine their face scans have an 87% accuracy in predicting personality.

How far is too far?

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While the use of AI for writing bios and helping further conversations seems acceptable, 50% of singles said a potential match using AI to alter images is a no-no.

Additionally, 39% of singles said they draw the line when others use AI for every conversation with a match.

AI-generated profile images and bios not only help daters, but romance scammers might match with potential victims.

AI models have been used by cybercriminals to scam thousands of dollars using deep fakes and voice cloning on unsuspecting daters.

Whether used for good or for bad, this technology is only scratching the surface of what it can do to change the dating landscape.

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