Israel: Hezbollah fired rockets, Iron Dome intercepted all

  • 30 rockets fired from Lebanon into northern Israel; all were intercepted
  • Israel: Hamas demands are 'delusional'
  • Cease-fire talks stall as sides remain far apart on terms of deal

TEL AVIV, Israel (NewsNation) — Israelis woke up on high alert Wednesday as the Iron Dome air defense system intercepted a barrage of Hezbollah rockets.

Thirty rockets were fired from Lebanon into northern Israel overnight, the Israel Defense Forces said. The attack occurred on a day when cease-fire talks between Israel and Hamas stalled just four days before the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

There were no casualties from the rocket barrage, though one person was killed and several were injured in Israel in a separate incident earlier in the week.

Israel’s defense minister warned the country feels increasingly pushed toward military action every day, especially with the growing possibility of a second front opening in the north.

Meanwhile, mediators are working behind the scenes to finalize an agreement on a cease-fire. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with Qatar’s prime minister, emphasizing the urgency of securing a deal to release hostages and provide aid.

“Hamas has to come down from their delusional positions and come into our orbit to reach a deal,” said Avi Hayman, an Israeli government spokesperson.

“We reiterate that what the enemy failed to achieve on the battlefield, he will not achieve at the negotiating table. The security and safety of our people will not be achieved except with a permanent cease-fire, the end of the aggression, and the withdrawal (of the enemy) from every inch of the Gaza Strip,” Osma Hamdan, a senior Hamas official, said during a news conference.

Hamas asserts they won’t release any hostages unless Israel agrees to a deal that begins the process of ending the war and withdraws its troops from the Gaza Strip. Israel said that’s off the table.

Similarly, the Israelis have demanded a full list of hostages who are still alive and who are deceased. Hamas has so far rejected that demand. As talks are set to continue, neither side shows any indication of willingness to compromise.

Israel at War

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