Donald Trump reportedly met Elon Musk for campaign support

  • Elon Musk is among the world’s wealthiest individuals
  • Sources: Musk wants Biden defeated in November
  • Stirewalt: Musk wants to see Trump back on X, formerly Twitter

(NewsNation) — Former President Donald Trump met with Elon Musk, among the world’s wealthiest individuals, to fill his donation gap, according to The New York Times.

This comes as voters in more than a dozen states are casting their votes for the Republican and Democratic presidential nominations for 2024 on Super Tuesday.

People who have spoken privately with Musk confirm he has come to the decision President Joe Biden must be defeated in November.

Trump and his team are actively seeking major donors to bolster his financial standing. Discussions with Trump indicate a desire for a personal meeting with Musk, who has been lauded by the former president to allies.

While Musk’s stance on financially supporting Trump remains unclear, recent social media activity suggests his opposition to Biden’s reelection. Musk, whose net worth is estimated at approximately $200 billion, could potentially offset Biden’s financial advantage with a sizable contribution to Trump’s campaign.

NewsNation’s Chris Stirewalt said Musk wants to see Trump reinstated on social media platforms, particularly X, formerly known as Twitter, which he owns.

Musk, known for his independent demeanor, has previously donated to candidates across party lines, including Democrats and Republicans. Despite his business interests benefiting from government contracts and subsidies, Musk has avoided significant involvement in presidential elections. He notably distanced himself from Trump in 2017 over climate policy disagreements.

Despite occasional friction between Musk and Trump, the former’s leanings toward the Republican Party have become more apparent. Ahead of the midterms, Musk urged support for a Republican Congress and has criticized what he perceives as the left’s agenda, particularly on immigration.

Concerns over immigration and Biden’s policies have been a driving force behind Musk’s potential support for Trump, according to a source close to him.

While Musk previously hinted at support for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, his recent criticisms of Biden and remarks suggesting sympathy towards Trump indicate a shift in his political alignment.

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