What do Super Tuesday elections mean for Biden’s campaign?

  • President Biden is the presumed Democratic candidate for 2024
  • Concerns about his age and anger over his support of present challenges
  • Biden will make his case to the American people in the State of the Union

(NewsNation) — President Joe Biden is all but guaranteed to clinch the Democratic nomination for the 2024 election, but the protest vote over his stance on the Israel-Hamas war continues to present challenges.

Across the country, 15 states are holding Republican and Democratic primary elections for Super Tuesday. These primaries will award critical delegates on both sides of the aisle.

So far, Biden has secured 206 of the 208 delegates awarded. The other two went to the “uncommitted” vote, stemming from a campaign to protest Biden’s policies regarding the Israel-Hamas war.

In Michigan, more than 100,000 voters cast ballots for “uncommitted,” and the effort could expand to states like Colorado and Minnesota.

Meanwhile, two other Democratic candidates running against Biden are pulling focus from the incumbent.

Author and spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson recently unsuspended her presidential campaign after coming in third in the Michigan Democratic primary, after Biden and “uncommitted.”

Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips is also trying to stay in the fight, touting himself as the younger alternative to Biden.

However, losing support for his stance on the Israel-Hamas war and growing concerns over his age are larger roadblocks to Biden’s re-election campaign than other Democratic candidates.

After a recent routine physical, Biden joked that his doctors thought he looked too young as concerns about his age and mental fitness continue to swirl around his campaign. His doctors say he continues to be “fit for duty.”

Biden will make his case to the American people as to why he should get to serve another term during this week’s State of the Union address, where he will lay out his administration’s priorities and accomplishments.

After that, Biden is back on the campaign trail in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as he kicks his campaign into full gear.

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